Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Switch-Up

I called this post what I called it because that is the perfect name for what I am about to talk about. You see, there is something that I have thought about and have experienced when dealing with a few people in the past, including family and friends. Ever been in private with somebody, and they act one way in front of you, but when you get in front of other people, their behavior changes? Yeah I've been there and done it without knowing it. It is one thing when you are dealing with different walks of life and different types of friends. This is something that is often considered adapting. Yeah that is how it happens sometimes. This becomes different when dealing with somebody that you have some sort of emotional or physical relationship with. Please, please, for the love of Pete, do not be all lovey dovey behind closed doors and then when you get in front of your friends start fronting like you don't act like that. I mean seriously? That is hella childish. Don't be calling yo man daddy and waiting on him hand and foot at home but then start kicking it to your friends like you run shit. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! Fellas that do this, don't be calling here all kinds of boo's and baby's when yall alone but when you get in front of everybody else then it's "yeah I run this shit" just to look hard. I busted out my ex in high school when he decided to tell people that he don't eat pussy. Trust and believe, he deserved it. Stop kicking it out the way that it ain't. If you wash that mutha fucka's dirty drawers, say that shit. Fuck what other people think. They are not in this thing that you two have got going on. And another thing, put the relationship out there the way it is. Don't be calling somebody your significant other in front of people so that you can have that person to yourself but continue to treat them like the cut friend that person is. I'm telling you, that is some ultimate bullshit. If you end up the victim in this situation, FRONT THAT ASS OUT! Tell that mutha fucka in front of everybody how it is...if they get mad, make the beginning steps to cut that ass off. Trust and believe, nobody should have to go under the treatment of experiencing two people in their life when there is only one other person in the room. Don't be false claiming cuz you jealous and selfish. Can't handle that person fucking somebody else? Cuff or leave it be and find somebody else that is going to be willing to let you fuck around but won't do it themselves. One big important thing: COMMUNICATION! Talk shit out, but make sure to let this person know that you are not about their bullshit and the way that they act around closed doors is the way they need to act in public, in front of friends, in front of family, etc. If you wait on me hand and foot at home, that is how you need to be at all times, PERIOD! Equal treatment at all times. I don't give a fuck. No that does not give the golden ticket to be a dick or a bitch at all times, but there needs to be some sort of consistency in behavior because two faces are not better than one. Don't treat a person like shit in front of your family, but don't take those in front of people you don't want them to meet. Again, this does not give a person a ticket to act like a straight ass. Period. I be damned if I'm baby when we alone but as soon as your friends come around, I'm just Keshia. Umm what happened to baby? Fuck that. I don't like that shit, and it should never be tolerated. You better get ya shit together, and establish how you going to kick it to everybody, get your emotions in line, and make sure communication and HONESTY (yes that is just as important) is always present and happens. Can't talk shit out? You about to have a hard life. Remember to keep only one face and let it be the only one that you should wear. Period. Need to work on it? Baby steps, but this is how things should be. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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