Thursday, November 10, 2011

Peer Pressure

Okay people, peer pressure is an issue that I have been hearing about since I was in elementary school. Yes I am a true victim of peer pressure. There have been things that I have done because my friends suggested it...I mean strongly suggested it. To me, peer pressure exist only for children under the age of 15. Once you are in high school, you are fully capable of making decisions on your own. You have a mind, and you know the difference between right and wrong. Don't you dear come to me and say shit about peer pressure. "They told me to do it." And that is your excuse to me for doing the shit? Fitting in is something that mutha fuckas in elementary and middle school worry about. If you worry about that shit in high school and beyond, you worried about the wrong shit. Yeah I did some stupid shit when I was in high school, but those were my own decisions. I know what I was doing, and I take full responsibility for it. My friends did shit that I didn't do in high school. I didn't give a fuck. I stood my ground. You gotta learn to be your own person. Fuck that peer pressure shit. When you are over the age of 18, you definitely can't come to me with that shit. I wish a mutha fucka would tell me they did some shit because their friends was doing it and they carry around college books. Fuck that, they are a senior in high school! I don't play that shit nor do I accept it. Don't you know how to think for yourself? Don't you have a mind of your own? Don't you know the difference between right and wrong? I mean what the fuck? I won't lie. Right now, I'm drinking in the middle of the day. Yes, this is a decision I made on my own. I also pay bills and rent and work 5 days a week on 3rd shift. I'm grown. Ain't nobody going to get me to do some shit that I don't want to do. Peer pressure don't exist once you have turned 15 to me. I'm sorry. I just don't see how you can possibly explain doing some stupid shit because other mutha fuckas told you to. Are you serious? As the old saying goes, if they told yo ass to jump off a bridge, would you do it? I'm just saying. You doing all kinds of other stupid shit because another person approved of it. Why not jump from that bridge head first into some concrete? They told you they was going to go after you. All I'm saying is this. We are too old to be talking that bullshit. People, own up to your stupid shit. Take responsibility for your actions, no matter how stupid they may be. You decided to do it. Own up to it. Fuck what other people think. They don't live yo life for you. YOU DO! Just think about the shit you do before you do it. That's all I'm saying. That goes for everything. Actions and speaking. Don't say some shit you know you said and then try to put that shit off on someone else. Hold tight to what you believe, and yes, it is okay to change that shit. If you no longer believe in something that you once believed in, it's okay. That is for you to decide. Fuck that shit! But peer pressure? You get slapped saying that shit to me. Okay maybe not, but you will get cussed out, and I promise you that. All I'm saying is anybody over 15 need to start owning up to their shit and not use the lines that somebody else told them to. At this point, you are more than capable to make decisions for yourself. You have more than a beautiful mind to think things through and actually do that shit for yourself. No need for the bullshit. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man....I'm just saying...

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