Friday, November 18, 2011

The Video Chick...To Be Or Not To Be?

So I was standing in my kitchen, and I started to think about a conversation that I was having with one of my favorite people. We were talking about censorship and how people are trying to expanded it to the internet. Now, this post will have nothing to do with that, even though it is great idea for another one in the future, but it does bring about something that some women were trying to censor in the past but has had no success: the video chick. Yes that chick that be in the music videos half naked or almost naked and dance to some song that is by the artist, who is often the star of the video unless it shows otherwise. In some instances, she don't even dance, but just walk around without many clothes on. Either way it goes, the song is done by that person, so the video is going to make you remember it, and that is the point. You see people, sex sells, and rather other people want to admit it or not, it does. The dude with the abs out and no shirt on advertising Axe ain't there just for kicks. The sexy chicks in the Go Daddy! commercials are not there just to show that there are chicks in the world. Sex sells, and many people and companies know of this concept. Why is the video girl being pin pointed? She is often an African-American chick deemed to have no self-esteem, had a bad upbringing, and does not love herself enough to put some clothes on and not bounce her ass for money. Now a days, this expands to more than just AA chicks, but there are chicks in videos of all races. Hey man, there are chicks out there that do more than that. How about the stripper that gets completely naked and swings around a pole? How about the porn star that has sex on video tape to be broadcasted around the world? How about the prostitute or the female escort that does those things in a more private life but a public place and more unsafe environments? I'm not saying that they are worse, but often these chicks end up in the videos. I mean some of them are not trying to be models or strippers or anything like that. Some want to break out into acting and one day be a movie star. Some are just trying to make some money to do something else, i.e. have their own stuff and finish school. I'm not saying that I know their lives, and I damn sure wouldn't want my daughter (if I have one) doing that shit, but what I am saying is some women are worried about the wrong thing. For example, Tip Drill. Yeah I'm going there. Tip Drill by Nelly is a great song to me. Yeah I love that song AND that video. Once it aired, there was this big uproar about it from females all over Spelman that opposed the graphic things that were going on. It was so bad, they cancelled the charity event for his sister, who by the way had nothing to do with the video. Well, I didn't see any of those females in the video saying that they felt violated or misused or ashamed. They didn't say shit about it as far as I know. If they did, please send me the articles or videos saying so because I didn't hear nothing about that. Now, I must say that if you watched the REAL uncut version of that video, there is more shit going on in there than a little bit, but there is a reason why the video was shown on a show that came on at 3AM one day a week: because it was meant for ADULTS! These chicks was talking about little girls seeing it. If your 8 year old is up watching shit like that at 3AM, that means something is wrong in your house, not the person that put that video out. There are such things as parental controls and teaching your kids the right things to watch and what not to do. I'm not saying that this only happens with bad parents, but at the same time, there is no reason why anybody under the age of 17 should have seen that video when it originally aired. Yeah plenty of people under that age seen it, and they probably got their asses kicked if they were caught watching it, but you can't control everything your kids do 100% of the time. Fact. Face it. I'm going to get to my point: there is nothing wrong with the video girl or what she does. Why do I say this? These are women over the age of 18 that have minds of their own and know the difference between right and wrong. If they are comfortable enough to get half naked in front of a camera while somebody tells them to shake their ass on a car, then so be it. This does not only exist in the AA community either. There is a united theme around the music industry that tells females to wear less in their videos. So when some chicks protest this, what are they really saying? No, I don't want to see females do this to themselves? Guess what? You can't stop it, and don't protest the video girl and then have conversations with your friends about the porno you watched last night. I mean really? So you support a girl getting butt naked and bussing it open for the camera but you don't support some chick dancing with some sort of clothing on? That is what I call ass backwards. If you don't support what videos have come to, stop watching them. It's as simple as that. There are definitely other channels for you to watch and other stuff for you to do. Being in that video is their job, even if it is for that one video. That is a personal choice that they decided to do, and it should be left up to them if they want to continue that kind of life. Please people, stop labeling these girls like you know them. You don't. One ho decide to come out with how she was bussing it open for that life, and now all of a sudden, every video chick is placed under that umbrella. News flash people: everybody that does that ain't like that. GET OVER IT! Oh and please stop protesting against the artists that do these videos because they will still sell music and go on about their day as if nothing happened. They don't give a fuck about what you think. Yeah you don't have to support them, but, unless they absolutely suck at what they do, somebody will. Don't like it? Tough. That's life. The music artists that have video girls didn't force these girls to audition or to be in the video. They made that choice, and they have to live with it. If they are comfortable with it, then there is nothing that you can do about it. Yes I said it, and I meant it. Worry about how you going to get your rent and bills paid, and stop worrying about how these chicks live because they are damn sure not worried about you. It will get you no where but broke, lonely, and dry-mouthed. Find something else to worry about. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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