Saturday, November 5, 2011

Who Are You?

I titled this the way I did because there is always a discussion here and there about introductions and first impressions and what happens after all this. You see, we all present ourselves in a way that appeals to people when we meet them because we don't want them to  see how much of a crazy person we are from the beginning. Think about it. When you meet a person, unless they are a real blunt and ridiculous person, you never see the negative shit first unless you are meeting them at the wrong time. It may come out in the first conversation, but it is not presented in the first few words. Meeting online is different because you are not in this person's face, so whatever comes out on the screen is fair game, and it leaves the door wide open for that person to answer or not. Let's get past this and get to the getting together phase. Now, I will admit, some of the people that I have actually met didn't get much from me except the boot...after the fact. Yeah, you know what I am talking about. The thing is this was already discussed in the beginning, and it was embedded in my head, so going any further than that was something that still needed to be discussed. I have had relationships with someone that was initially just there for the sex, but I'm a single woman, so you know what happened with that. I'm not saying it doesn't work. I'm saying that those were times where the communication was wrong. With that being said, honesty is always the best policy. I'm sick of mutha fuckas walking around and telling people what they want to hear to get what they want. They present a complete misrepresentation of themselves and who they are. If you just want to fuck, just say that shit. You might just get what you want and more in the bedroom. That chick you thought was going to run away could just suck ya dick on the spot. That dude you thought was going to fuck you one time and cut you off could be around for years on in. Hell you don't know. You could be meeting the future husband or wife. I'm not saying that it happens like that, but anything is possible. Stop misrepresenting yourself as something that you are not or putting on like this is something that you want when it's not. Some men (you know who you are), stop running around here sending out the message that telling a chick that you looking for a relationship or just someone to cool it with when you really want a fuck buddy is okay. Women, stop sending the mixed signals that you going to buss it open when you not. If you want a relationship, be an adult and say that is what you looking for. If you looking to fuck and keep it moving, SAY THAT SHIT! No, I'm saying you should just walk up to people and say, "Hey my name is such and such, and I want to fuck," but don't be breaking down like you are some romantic when you really just fucking around. Don't take the person out on a romantic date just to get to the pussy and never call again. Don't go over a person house after booty call hours with no intention of fucking. No one's feelings should get hurt because you wanted to be a child and run around lying about who you are or what you want. Find a person that wants what you want or is on the same page as you. There are plenty of people out there for that. If your feelings change for the situation after the fact, say that shit. If you two still ain't on the same page, then that shit needs to cease. No point in continuing on in an uncomfortable situation. Don't go over somebody's house during booty call hours expecting just to go to sleep when you know what that person's wants and then get mad when you get felt on. Don't make the presentation that you are this super sweet and understanding person when you really just out to fuck and then get mad because that person don't want to give it up because they believed in the person that you presented yourself to be. I don't need you to be my hero. I need you to be honest. I have enough friends, and I'm open to make more, but if that is not what you want to be, don't tell me that shit. I want to hear THE TRUTH! Yes, there is some dumb ass that is reading this and is saying, "but women/men can't handle the truth." Guess what? There are people that are out there that can handle the truth, no matter what it is. If they can't, then that should tell you something. What I think? I think that one of the very first questions that need to come out a person's mouth when they meet someone else is "what are you looking for or what do you want?" This sets the stage for what happens next. I'm not going to try and make something happen with someone that wants to fuck if I want a relationship. Mutha fucka, we ain't going there. Just like some ridiculous ass females (yes I said it) be running around acting like they really digging a dude when they really just want to know what they can get out of them, some men be running around acting like they really digging a female when they really just want to get between her legs. FUCK THAT SHIT! I meant that about both. You see, bullshit, feelings, drama, unavoidable situations, this is all avoided when you just talk to a person and see where the head is at, and I mean the mind not oral intercourse. I had to clarify that for the gutter-minded like myself. Oh, and another thing: don't come off as a certain type of way, be consistent with it, and then just change and say some stupid shit like,"this the real me." Really bitch? Why you didn't you just tell me you are an asshole or a softie? I mean I might have been cool with it if you would have just let a mutha fucka know. I have dealt with the romantic turned asshole and the "hard ass" turned bitch. Trust me, that shit ain't kosher either way it goes. Be the person that you are at all times. It could get you somewhere. Don't change unless you want to. If you find this not working, time for self-evaluation. All I'm saying is this: approach is the first step, but please be honest with the rest. There are people that have been in my life for years because they were honest in the beginning, even if what we wanted has changed individually. Give someone else that same courtesy. That's all. If you a disrespectful mutha fucka that just wants to buss nut and move on, say so. You might end up meeting the counterpart that is the same or worse than you. Just communicate and BE HONEST! It works. Trust me. You don't have to think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...


  1. LMAOOOO I fucking love it. You speak the truth and nothing but the truth! Love you :-)

  2. If I'm going to out it out there, you know I'm going to do it my way :-) you know I love ya too girl!