Saturday, November 5, 2011

Supporting the Wrong

Today is a double because I have had this topic on my mind since I decided to start this blog. It was going to be my first post ever, but I decided to wait a minute. 24 hours is good enough. I get so sick and tired of people thinking that they should get support from others that have something in common with them or are just close to them when they are clearly wrong. Chick, I'm not going to sit here and say,"that's right girl" when I know yo ass is wrong as fuck. Have you lost your mind? I am a die hard, extra strong advocate of right. I'm behind things that I think are right. If I feel you are right, I will support you. If not, don't be looking for that shit from me. PERIOD! Look for me to be one of the people that tell you about how wrong I think you are or you are proving yourself to be. For example, I do not support violence, but I also do not support provocation. I do not think it is it okay to provoke a person and then cry when this person retaliates. No, I'm not just talking about men hitting women because I have seen a dude cry because another dude hit him. Shit was ridiculous, but it could have been avoided. I can admit when I'm wrong, but that shit is hard. I'm just being honest. I might give excuses or try and justify it, but at the end of the day, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Don't have me hyped up thinking that I am right when you think or know that I'm not. Don't dare fucken tell me I'm right and then change that shit later either. That is a great way to piss me off. People, looking for support from a friend, a family member, a person of the same sex, a significant other, pretty much anybody that can relate to you when you are wrong is wrong in itself. How? Because that is looking for validation that you can say or do whatever you want and everybody will back you up on it. Ummmm bullshit! I won't be the one. If anything, I'm not giving you that support. Instead of embarrassing you, I'm staying out of it and will tell you why later when we are not in public. If you want to get embarrassed, provoke me to try and be on your side. See what happens. I might just walk away. I might just let you have it. Who is fair game? Everybody. You know why? Because nobody is right all the time. No matter how much it may seem that way, no matter how much they are accurate or on point about something, everybody has times where they are wrong. Some more than others, but the shit happens. Don't support those that are wrong. You know how they say that in a court of law a person is innocent until proven guilty? To me, you just have to present your case. That will help me to determine how I stand, but from the start, if I think you are wrong, you have already lost my support until you present your case and show me that you are right. I'm not saying you got to explain yourself to me, but you might want to give me something if you want that "yeah you are right" from me because I don't just hand those out all the time everyday. Correct me if I'm wrong. Let me know, but please be an adult and be polite about it. It is not necessary to cuss me out or yell at me to get this point across. Thank you. There is a such thing as common courtesy, and no matter how much a person just can't take the fact that they are wrong, don't back them up if YOU think they are just incorrect. Don't matter what it is. It matters what your opinion is to you. For those of you that do this, stop looking for support on things you know you are wrong about and be using excuses like "we family, you supposed to have my back" and "i thought you was my friend" because that's bullshit, and if a person tells you are wrong, hear them out. Please don't tell somebody they are wrong and have no explanation of why this is unless it is blatantly obvious to everybody. That is just stupid. At the end of the day, we have to be grown-ups and recognize when we make mistakes (look out for a post on this too) and we see other people's mistakes. We also have to know when to take constructive criticism. These things are to be learning tools, and knowing when to back up a person and when to shut them down can help them more than hurt them. Don't think I know what I am talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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