Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yeah You Know You Said It

You at work. You have been told that it has been voiced that you are not working like everyone expects you to do. Somebody has been saying that you don't do shit but sit around until it is time for you to go. You know this shit is not true by any means, but you really want to know who has been spreading these false lies about you. Finally, you find out who did it. You confront this person, and what do they do? They don't have anything to say to you, and then they have the nerve to be more mad than you are. Excuse me mutha fucka, but what the fuck do you have to be mad about? You the one that was sitting here talking all kinds of mad shit to the managers about me, and now you have the audacity to get mad and shit when I confront you about it? Are you fucken serious? Sit down! If you know you are doing this shit, just say, "yeah I said it" and keep it moving. Of course, the person that is confronting you about is gonna want to know why it is that you are saying this shit, but it is up to you to make the decision to talk to them about it or not. My strong suggestion: don't say anything about a person behind their back that you can't say to their face. I mean, this was some real bitch nigga shit. I mean for real? You gonna lie on me and then bitch up when I come to you about it? Let me inform the masses that I am not talking about females here. I am talking about what is supposed to be a grown ass man lying on a real grown ass man. Word? What the fuck is the purpose in this fuckery? Let me explain something to those that thinks shit likes this is okay: it gets you nowhere. Managers may promote telling on people, but they don't really like it. You will be forever labeled as the snitch, and no one is gonna be around you or talk to you. You will not get promoted or be in the good graces of any manager or supervisor because of it, and they will not be your friend. Oh and please believe if htey find out you are lying, you just put your job at jeopardy if you don't lose the shit. Now, if you are just a vindictive mutha fucka and don't give a fuck about any of that shit, do what you do, but if you gonna do it, at least have the decency to tell the truth. I mean seriously. Why the fuck do you feel like you have to lie? That is fucken ridiculous. This does not just apply to work. This applies to everything in life. It will never save you from anything or preserve a damn thing. If you said it, then you said it. Don't matter the reason why you said it, even though that will come in handy if you decide to explain why you said it. If you doing ridiculous shit like that, then be grown about it and admit to it. Yeah I said it. I did that. Don't be loud about it or yell or decide this is the time to be Billy Bad Ass because that shit is not only unnecessary but also something you don't have the right to even think of doing. Be prepared to have an angry mutha fucka in your face if you running around lying on them and telling on them like a 5-year-old child. When I am angry, I say shit that is utterly ridiculous but it comes out of pure emotion. Once, I was confronted about it. I owned up to it. Yeah I said that. Done deal. That is what needs to happen. There are consequences to this, but if it wasn't said in the first place, then this kind of shit wouldn't happen. Case in point: don't say shit about someone that you don't want coming back up later. You gonna pull some shit like that to anyone, then you best to be prepared to have a conversation later about it. Don't be a bitch. It's not a good look. Yes that applies to females too. Gender does not ever play a factor. Age don't either. This is a public service announcement. Don't think you know what I'm talking about? Hey man..I'm just saying...

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