Sunday, April 15, 2012

Who You Talking To?

I always feel like I need to remind mutha fuckas at times that I am an adult. Its emphasized so much because I truly think that some people forget that I am a 25 year old grown ass woman and not some 7 year old child that needs discipline. I don't need nobody to pull out a belt and whoop me. I dont need somebody all down my throat over every fucken thing. I don't need you in my face sounding like a Rhode Scholar because you feel like you got to prove you ate smart. Guess what bitch? I'm smart and I have a lot more short and simpler words that get the job done just as good. Don't talk down to me. Don't toot your nose up at me. Dont talk to me like a kid. My parents talk to me and recognize me as the adult that I am, and I am their child. I expect the same from everybody else. Recognize the fact that you are not only talking to an adult but a semi civilized one at that. Adding in my credentials is only necessary when talking to people that feel they need a reason to treat you differently. You need a reason to treat me like a grown ass woman? I just gave you one. Either act right towards me or shut the fuck up. I don't argue either, but I do find myself at times stooping to the level of others and acting the fuck out. Just me being childish because that is what that is. Oh you got beef? Come talk to me at a voice that is at normal level. Use your inside voice. Don't come yelling, hoot, hollering all in my shit and think for a second that I want to talk to you about anything. We are not having any sort of a conversation with you throwing tantrums and acting like a 5 year old. Hell I know a 5 year old and she don't act out that bad, so I will not accept that from someone that hasn't been in grade school for more than a year. You done lost yo mind and yo common sense thinking I am going to respond to that. Oh and don't think because I have some sort of connection with you that you have now become my boss and can just demand me to do shit. Who in the blue fuck do you think you are talking to? Take that demand and shove it up yo lazy ass. If you want me to do something, ask me, and make sure you say please and thank you. I am not talking to my fam or my crew or anybody else that has showed me this respect. No I am talking to all the people out there that think that because we fucking or are in a relationship or are over me at work or just have some sort of rapport with me you can just talk to me any kind of way. Umm fuck you. I dont accept. You will get a response from me, but it wont be pleasant. I don't take well to being yelled at, so please keep your voice to a minimum when talking to me. Now I know when I get excited that my voice raises and I have no clue when that is happening. I know the difference between naturally loud and yelling. Don't fucken yell or holler at me. Another thing: I cuss a lot. It's my second language. No matter what my mood is, I cuss. I know when I am being cussed out. Don't think you will get away with that Scott free unless I deserved and even then there are better ways of going about talking to me about than all that extra. I don't do dramatics except for the shit I watch on TV. Fuck the bullshit. Watch ya mouth when talking to somebody because people are crazy these days and yo ass will be the next one on the news because you was all big bad and bold and talked down to the wrong person. You like being talked to like that? That's on you. Me personally, I will pass. Fuck that shit. I ain't telling anybody to do anything. It is just a suggestion. A very strong one. Don't get asked the question of who you are talking to because any statement after that probably wont be too good. Respect is earned, and in order to earn it you must give it. Pass it around along with those smiles people. Communication is the key to this message. Learn how to communicate with others on the level that they deserve and you want them to communicate with you. Don't think I know what I am talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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