Friday, May 4, 2012

That's How I Feel

There will be no story going into this one but I will be telling on later...maybe. I don't like it when somebody decides to tell me how the fuck I feel about somebody else or them. That shit pisses me off. Don't tell me that I like you when I know I don't. Don't tell me that I have feelings for somebody when it is clear as fucken crystal that I don't. I mean seriously? Let's be real here. Unless you are my heart and emotions themselves, you don't know how I feel about anybody or anything. Stop assuming that you do. I was told that if you fuck a person for years, eventually you will have feelings for them. I don't know about others but that shit don't apply to me. I have had sex with a person for more than a year or two and haven't felt a thing about them except liking them enough to continue to get them naked. That's it. Some mutha fucka told me the other day that I like him and he know it. Bitch nigga please. You make me sick. You a clown that I let entertain me every once in a while. That is it. Like you? You better be glad I haven't tried to punch yo lights out by now. Heard that same shit a year ago for a former cut friend. "I know you have always liked me" What? If I liked you so much, why the only time I wanted to see you was at 3 in the morning? Really nigga? Shut the fuck up. I have friends. I have platonic friends. I have male friends that I would never even think of liking like that let alone wanting to be with. What the fuck man? I mean I have had men so adamantly tell me that I am gonna marry my best friend and be with him for the rest of my life. They are so wrong its ridiculous. I hate arrogant and cocky mutha fuckas that thinks it is cool to just assume that everybody want them. No boo boo. That is not the case. I laugh at the fuck niggas that want to assume that I just want to be around them because I entertain their conversation. No I want to see what new bullshit you are gonna come at me with today if I feel like being bothered with you at the time. Randoms of the world, know that I will never even think of liking you like that. Get ya mind right. I don't like you. If you keep talking that shit to me I am gonna act like I don't fucken know you. I am so sick and tired of this shit. Unless I tell you that I like this person or that person stop assuming that I do and quit fucken telling me that I do. Obviously you don't know me that's well. Yeah I know what I am talking about tonight. Hey man...I'm just saying...

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