Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Period...Fuck It!

Today, I seen the same signs that I see every month. The slight pink that shows up that lets me know that Aunt Flow is coming to visit. Bitch. Wanna know who Aunt Flow is? For those that have not figured it out by now it is my period, my cycle, the rag, whatever the fuck you want to call it. Why am I sitting here about to go off about something that is natural and has been happening since I was 12? Because it just brings me pain, moodiness, and occasionally fucks up my clothes. That's why. FUCK A MENSTRUAL CYCLE! Yeah I said it and I mean every word of that shit. Men stop telling women that they will be all right when they are having cramps. Until you know what a menstrual cramp is like, you have no right to tell a female it ain't that bad. Let's see y'all do this shit month in month out for decades. Wouldn't last two days on a cycle. Yeah I said it. This is one thing that I believe all women agree on. PERIODS ARE THE WORST! I am 25 years old and been going through this shit for the past 13 years. To this day, every time my period is showing signs of showing up, I am already pissed the fuck off. I have been through four different emotions in the past three hours. Who the fuck lives like this? UGH! Complete bullshit. And then there's the cramps. I have seen women double over and look like their uterus is trying to eat through their bodies because the cramps are so bad. My cramps put me out of commission. Its bad enough the cycle is halting my sex life in a major way but for the first couple of days or so I have to deal with pain too? What the FUCK man? There is nothing that can really be done about having this shit every month except have my uterus cut out, get pregnant (which I have heard that some women still have a period), or take pills specialized to halt this kind of things. Even though I despise being on it, I am perfectly fine with the purpose of a menstrual cycle. Oh and supposed to be grown ass men, if I hear one more of you say eww when a chick is talking about this shit or tells you she is on it, I want to personally slap the taste out your mouth. Every woman goes through this every month once a month, sometimes twice...GET OVER IT! What is the point of this blog? To express my hatred for my cycle. I hate it. Plain and simple. If there was a way for me to have done what a period does and not have to go through the bleeding the cramps and the fuck up of emotion, I would be much happier with life. Since there isn't, I will continue to take on bitch every time this fucken few days comes along. So aggravating. Smh. Hey man...I'm just saying...

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