Sunday, April 15, 2012


Ever since high school, I have always had my own sense of living. I knew I would never be that skinny chick in the movies and magazines. I knew I wasn't the prettiest thing walking. I knew I wasn't the best at everything. I quit caring what other people think unless they are close to me and even then that shit is limited. One of my pet peeves is when someone tells me something is unladylike. I shouldn't be doing that because a lady never does those things. I am a grown ass woman and is capable of doing things that some men can't do. No I don't even get close to thinking that i can do everything a man can do. I can't, and I will admit that with no shame or malice or anything. I am all woman and have been since the day I was born, but stop telling me what it is appropriate it is for me to do and not to do. Its unladylike to spit, but every once in a while I do that shit. Its unladylike to cuss, but my mouth is foul as shit. Its unladylike to sit with your legs open, but mine are slightly open all the time. Hell I have big thighs that touch. I cant close my legs all the way for long periods of time. That causes cramps. Anyway, I don't know who wrote the handbook on how to control a grown ass woman by telling her the shit she does is reserved for men only, but the copy that was meant for me has been burned and buried baby. Fuck that shit. I don't care about what is unladylike. Who the fuck said I was a lady? I am a woman, yes this is true and I am fully capable of being a lady, but I am me. I want to drink beer, watch football, spit, cuss, and fart. Shit I am human and I have interests in a lot of things and habits that span around a lot of shit. The last of my concern is if my ankles are crossed when I am sitting or what is coming out my mouth when I am not talking to the person trying to correct me. Who the fuck are you talking to? Hell nah. Go away. My thing is this: do you have your life together while you over here criticizing and critiquing mine? Probably not, so go mind your own fucken business. If you see me doing some unladylike shit, don't voice it to me that you think it's unladylike. I dont give two fucks about that. I am living. Do the same. Oh you don't have a life huh? Tough shit. Don't know what to tell you, but stay yo ass out my face telling me that I shouldn't do this that and the third because isn't ladylike. Who the fuck cares? As long as I know when to act like a lady and to just be me, I'm good. As long as there is a breath in my body, I will act as I want and do as I want. Deal with it because sometimes being a lady only goes so far. Don't think I know what I am talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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