Sunday, April 15, 2012

That's Not My Job

Everybody I know has had at least 3 jobs in their life. Yes I said 3. Let me remind you I am 25. This is normal. Anyway, we all have had at least one boss that has told us to do out job plus extra shit. What extra shit you may ask?  Things that are not listed in our job description to do and is not our responsibility. Excuse me? Just because you make a couple of extra dollars than me and where some special shirt and got some authority don't mean that I will be ready and willing to do your job for you. You the supervisor right? Why am I looking over the rest of the employees making sure they get shit done? That ain't my job. You the manager right? Why am I looking over the other employees' work and evaluating it? That ain't my job. When you promote me and give me the pay, then I will be more than happy to do that shit plus some because it would be my job. Dont think because you hold my job in your hands that you just own me. Fuck that shit. I know of a few good words that I can say to you that would be me being respectful and saying fuck you all at once. Dont try me like that. Something you managament folk need to realize is that we lower level employees will not listen to orders given to each other FROM EACH OTHER! I don't mind helping another employee or us working together or training another employee to do what we do at the job, but all this supervision and managing shit is for just that type of person- the supervisor and manager. If I am neither, which I have never been, do not expect me to act like it or stand in your place for any period of time. What the fuck I look like? Oh and I want you to threaten to fire me. What you think that is about to do? I will let you know to your face: that ain't my job. That is not what I was hired to do. Man really? You want an employee to do something right? Tell them to do it. I ain't your flunky. Don't be telling me to do that shit. "Look over everything while I go handle this." If some shit go down, what am I supposed to do? You ain't about to hold me responsible. I know that shit. If you call me in during my off day, don't be talking to me as if you doing me the favor. Umm you called me. I didn't ask for this shit, so don't be fucken talking to me like I am just all extra wrong for helping yo ass out. What the fuck ever! And stop throwing your weight around and acting as if we don't know who you are. We all get the point. We know who you are and what your position is. Thank you for informing us. Now get the fuck out the way so I can do my damn job and sit yo ass down some fucken where. Geez. Some mutha fuckas act like they ain't never had nothing before. Oh and plead don't be so lazy on your job that your work is spilled over to me. Umm no! I protest the fuck out that shit. You must be out your mind and have lost all common sense to think I will accept that with a smile. Shitting me. I will ask you 5011 questions before hand. I am the one. Oh and dont have me doing shit that I was not hired to do. If my job is to solely sweep and mop floors, why you want me to paint walls? That is what the painters are for. This is just an example of what I call extra shit. Look, just because you are given that kind of responsibility does not mean you need to abuse it. Case in point: DO YOUR OWN FUCKEN JOB AND LET ME DO MINE! Shit! Don't think I know what I am talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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