Sunday, April 15, 2012

No Attraction to All

Okay so here is something I feel needs to be spoken on because this has gotten on my fucken nerves since high school. we go: to the straight people of the world that believe that all people of the gay, lesbian or bisexual community are attracted to everybody of the same sex as them, go fuck yourselves. Yes I said it and I meant it. I am so sick and tired of someone finding out another person is gay and says, "well as long as they don't hit on me, I'm cool." Umm what the fuck makes you think that you look so fucken hot that they just couldn't resist the urge to want to hit on you? Hoe sit down! Yeah I went there. Fuck it. Most of the people that say this shit are straight and just think they are hot shit. Yeah you look like hot shit. Fuck outta here. Just because a person is attracted to the same sex DOES NOT mean that they are attracted to everybody of that gender. Lesbians are not attracted to all women. Gay men are not attracted to all men. They have types and standards just like everybody else. Don't believe me? I know plenty of people that can explain this to you, inlcuding myself. Am I a lesbian? No I am bisexual, which means I like women too, but my friends will tell you in a quickness that I don't like all men OR women. I am picky as fuck. Like I said before, standards and types. Get yo ass off that $3.99 plastic pedestal that you have put yourself on and have a seat in the place reserved for regular mutha fuckas because that is what you are if you truly believe that every gay person is gonna want you like that or just because a person is attracted to the same gender you are on that list. You don't know how many people I have been wanting to shut the fuck down because they have made comments like that. This bitch said that shit to me one day and I just laughed. Hoe you shaped like a bag of laundry and look like King Kong in the face and you think I want you? Kill yourself first, then maybe you have a chance as somebody that looks better. Fuck outta here with that shit. People forget real quick that we are all human and act the same in various ways. You are not the exception to this shit sweetie. Shut it down before I shut it down for you. If you have any doubt or disbelief about what I am saying, ask and see if you don't get rejected by at least one person that is of the same sex as you and is actually homosexual. It will happen. Trust me on that shit. Don't think I know what I am talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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