Sunday, March 4, 2012

Team No Sugarcoating

Honesty is something that everybody ask for. No matter what the subject is, everyone demands some level of honesty from other people. Everyone wants others to tell the truth, but everybody can't handle it. This post will talk about both subjects along with a third. First off: don't sugarcoat something for someone that has ask for your advice or personal opinion. Remind them that this is your personal opinion and speak your mind how you see fit. Don't be rude or start yelling. Be adult about it but at the same time, don't sugarcoat a damn thing. They want your honesty. Make it brutual so they get everything you feel or think about what they asking about. Sugarcoating will not give that person what they want or might even make things worse. Just say the shit, even if it ends up in a sporadic rant. I do it more often than in the past. Secondly: please don't ask questions that you don't want the answer to. I can't stand that shit. If you really don't want the answer to it, don't ask the damn question because whoever you ask is going to give you the answer you didn't want to hear or was trying to avoid. May not happen all the time, but a great majority of the time, the things you didn't want to know are on the other end of those dreaded question. Really don't want to know: don't fucken ask! This is another place where no sugarcoating comes into place. You see, if a person is asking you a question, they want the answer. It is not your job to read their mind and figure out if they really want the answer or not. It is your job to be completely honest and answer the shit. Worry about the other shit later, or don't worry about the shit at all. Team fuck yo feelings usually plays a great game in this one. Third: learn how to handle the truth, no matter how it is given to you. If you don't feel it is the truth, voice that, but don't think everybody is lying to you because there is other people, even if it is just one, that knows you better than you do. Don't ask for completely honesty and then want to snap or flip the fuck out when you get it. That's what you wanted right? Would you rather me lie? Oh you wanted me to tell you what you wanted to hear right? Umm fuck that shit. I'm going to give you what you asked for and what I promised to you: honesty. The truth. Fuck it. If I lie to you, it is going to make it worse. Time to grow the fuck up and take what I am telling you. I will only tell you what you want to hear if I agree with it. Other than that, it ain't going down like that. What I am saying is this: honesty is something that everybody wants and the truth is something everybody wants, but if you don't wanna know, don't ask. If the person wants to volunteer the info, then fine. That is on them, but if you are dying to know, be prepared for what you want and even more prepared for what you don't. Don't ask a person to be honest if you are going to coach them on what to say. That is not wanting honesty. That is wanting to read ya mind and run with your beliefs and feelings about the shit. Guess what? No one can read a fucken mind, and not everybody will tell you what you wanted to hear. Sorry. Wont happen. Yeah I got some work to do in these catergories. I will admit that I have work to do when it comes to this stuff. That's the truth. Always be ready for it. Don't think I know what I am talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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