Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Fuckery Known As Teasing

I couldn't help but to touch in this subject because I get peeved at just hearing stories about it. Here's the scenerio. You get these texts from a chick right. She start profusing how she wants to fuck and all that. She sends you pics of her body and be telling you how horny she is and blah blab blah. So you start thinking to yourself, "oh she wants to fuck ASAP. Yeah I need to try and make this happen." As my best friend likes to say, opportunity. Anyway, you go in for the gusto and start talking about setting something up. All of a sudden, she ain't wit it. She starts talking about other shit and don't want to even fathom y'all actually doing the shit she talking. She just wanted to voice her thoughts. She wanted to let you know how she was feeling. Now you sitting there with a hard dick or a wet pussy all by yourself. You know what I call that? Fuck shit! Teasers are some of the worst people on earth. Any male or female that does this should be shot. Okay maybe not shot, but dammit man that shit is the worst. Don't tease me. If you talking about giving it to me, you better follow through because not doing so will get yo ass kicked. Ladies, don't tease people. I address some women because females are notorious for doing it. Wanting to fuck and not being able to do it is one thing. Talking about fucking and refusing to do it? Totally different. I can't stand even hearing a story about a teaser. Shit irks the fuck outta me. Oh you can send me pictures of your half naked to naked body but I can't see it in person? Get the fuck outta here. So you pull out the penis for me to see but don't want to give it to me? Where they do that at? Either give it up or don't make me want it. I do not encourage taking anything now. Don't get it twisted. If you encounter a teaser, give them three chances to follow through or cut that ass off. Teasers get no approval, no matter how good they look. You feeling on me getting me all hot and bothered but don't wanna fuck. What? That will not do. If you don't fuck me somebody else will. Just know yo ass ain't off the hook until I get tired of trying. If I am sitting here telling you how much you turn me on and what I want to do to you, then obviously I want to fuck and I will follow through. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. That's how it should be. Yeah the conversation of sex can happen and yes people are attracted to those that they can't have. Its life. Don't be a tease. That's some real fucked up shit. I'm pissed just talking about it. Don't promise to give it up and don't do it. Omg those are the absolute WORST! How you gonna give this lip about fucking the shit out of a person and then when it is time to put up or shut up, you quiet as fuck? That deserves an invite to you cut land. Too old and impatient for that bullshit. That's what it is
Bullshit, and I have zero tolerance for that. I do recognize that shit happens, and in those cases, this does not apply. All other situations do apply and should be treated as such. You don't want a relationship? Fuck and keep it moving. If you don't know how to do that, it is never too late to learn. Just don't tease a person. Men that goes for you too. Yes i have personal experience with that. Not being the teaser but being teased. Can't deal with it. Don't be a perpetrator of this heinous crime. Just buss it open. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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