Sunday, March 4, 2012

You Can't Have My Password

Here is something that is brought up when talking about dating and relationships: your significant other either ask you to go through your shit or just did it? They ever find something they didnt want to see? Let me tell you a story: my freshmen year of college, I had a blackplanet account. Yes I said. I have been a college grad for two years, so it has been some years. Anyway, my boyfriend at the time had one too. We knew each other's usernames, and like dumbasses, we made each other's passwords related to the other person. Well he took it upon himself to guess mine and go through my messages, found one that sounded like I had feelings for another nigga, and sent it to me through e-mail to let me know he seen it. Irate is an understatement. I decided to do the same thing and found way worse shit. Needless to say, it was over after that. It was the one and only time I went through my significant other's shit, and I vowed never to do that shit again. So far so good. Reasoning: no one will ever get the permission to go through my shit like that. People, even in relationships and marriages, everybody deserves their privacy. It is up to that person to be an ain't shit person or not. If you decide to date or be with someone else, obviously you trust this person. What is the reason for going through their shit? You wanna prove to yourself that you are the shit or something? When you do that shit, you will always find something you don't like. It doesn't matter how major or minor it is, it always happens without fail. I'll tell you now. Fucking with me, you better hack my shit because I ain't giving you the password or handing you a damn thing. You can forget that shit. I don't give a fuck about where we at and what we are to each other. Can't front: I might show shit to my friends every once in a while, but they dont go through my shit without me saying so. Nobody does. That's how shit is. Don't mean I have shit to hide. It means I love my privacy and no one will be allowed to just openly violate it. You done lost yo damn mind if you think you going all through my texts and shit. Answer my phone? Get the fuck outta here! Don't worry about who writing on my wall on Facebook or what's in my e-mail. Personal opinion: unless y'all are on that level with each other where y'all don't give a fuck about going through each other's shit WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THAT YALL GO THROUGH EACH OTHER'S SHIT, refrain from doing so. All that is going to do is create trust issues and bigger problems. Communication. Can't stress it enough. Please don't put on blast the shit you find if no one but yo friends that helped you look for through the shit or rooted you on to do it know, don't be bringing that shit up or throwing all in somebody's face. That shit burns bridges and shit. I have to admit: there was something that I saw and threw in an ex's face, but trust me when I say I wasn't looking for it. It just appeared. I handled the situation wrong. That is what happens when you do that shit. If you are going to be with someone, you have to be able to trust them, if it is trusting they are going to be the ain't shit person you think they are. Question: if you think they ain't shit, why you fucking wit them? The sex is a ridiculous and stupid answer by the way. You can fuck someone without all that extra shit. I am an assistant coach on team fuck and keep it moving. I say assistant because I know people that can do that shit better than me. Speaking of that, don't be interrogating and getting in the business of somebody you just fucking. Friends do it out of concern and noseyness, and so do family. Other than that, you are just annoying the shit outta someone and abusing a right or privilege you don't have. Sit the fuck down with that shit. Just cause I might have gave it up to you doesn't mean that you can be all in my shit. Hell even if I am your woman, you better keep that shit to a minimum. I dont do well with too many questions. Again it goes back to trust and adds in the element of insecurity. Guess what? Invading and destroying a person's privacy and trust for you ain't the way to go. Obviously if I am wit you, I trust you. If I didnt, it wouldn't even gotten this far, so don't make me question your trust for me by pulling that dumb shit. I ain't wit it, and nobody else should be either. That's bullshit. I hope that everybody takes this from this post: tend to your own shit and stay on top of yours. Be the lady or gentleman that you were raised to be and treat everyone with the respect t they deserve by respecting their privacy. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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