Thursday, March 29, 2012

Time to Leave

I was at the bus stop the other day, and this chick walks up and stands there with me. She looks irritated but I ask her how she is doing anyway. She says she is okay but clearly she isn't. She proceeds with making a phone call. I know she talking to a dude because she yelling at him about how he decided to stay with his friends and play whatever game system they was playing and not walk her to the bus stop. She goes into this spill about how he don't care about her and how he care more about his friends instead of her. He hangs up on her. She calls back (mistake number 2) and goes on yelling at him about how she never spent his money on other niggas but he done spent her money and is fucking other bitches and how disrespectful he is. Tears start running down her cheek as she gets on the bus and is still arguing with him some more until she hangs up. This all happened within a matter of five minutes. We as women have to do better than our emotions allow us to do. In reality, that is the ruler of 95% of our actions. How we feel about shit. She is probably in heavy lust with that nigga, but his constant bullshit is fucking her up inside. I have been there. Continuing to deal with someone's bullshit because of the good times that we have when everything is good and putting up the consistent bullshit that is being brought to the table. Every couple has problems. Everybody has imperfections, or uniqueness to them. Nobody's perfect, but you know when you are dealing with n ain't shit nigga and when it is time to call that shit quits. Yeah you see the signs. Time to call them out. Don't put up with nothing that shows no signs of changing. Don't be her, calling a nigga that is a 10 minute walk away in order to cuss him out over something like that. Be aware and make knowledge of your situation. It is only so long that you can go having a conversation over and over until something small can be become the biggest issue. In her case its time to leave. No one should put up with that kind of shit. I say no one because no male should put up with an ain't shit female either. Fellas, you know she ain't shit if the only time she happy wit you is when you get paid. You know when a chick is after ya money and the dick and when she is wit tiu for you. One thing that my ex's can say about me? I was with them for them. Fuck everything else. Yeah the ain't shit ones made themselves known, but not all of them fall into that category. Just because it is good to you don't mean it's good for you. There should be so much arguing in a relationship. There are better ways if communicating other than yelling at each other and cussing each other out. Please pay attention to the red flags and the signs but be aware of which is real flags and signs and what is made up shit in your mind. Despite what everybody say, there are faithful ones out there, and everybody doesn't cheat. There are still good one out there for the taking, and yes you can do better than him or her. Fuck what they say. Love? Love should never hurt, mentally, physically, or spiritually. If it is killing you to stay, its time to leave. It is going to hurt to go, but you will be better alone and have time to get ready for the next one. Yes this is true. This is not written in a tone from anger or anything. This is written in the perspective of somebody that understands what it is like to be in that position. Yes it sucks, but it can be avoided. Don't think I know what I am talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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