Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Good Men and Women Still Exist

I tell you, the conversations that I have had with friends over the years have stuck to me like my skin to my bones. For the longest I have heard my single friends come to me and say that there ain't any good men or women out there and if they do exist they are already taken. I will tell you the same thing I told them: that's bullshit. You just have to find one. Single women, I will address you first. There are plenty of good single men out there in the world for you to find and date and shit. No all men are not the same and all are not to fuck and leave. Please stop saying that shit, or at least don't say that shit to me. I do believe it nor do I want to hear it. Evaluate your personality, attitude, and personal beliefs before you give a man the time of day because there could be a good man in front of your face and you would kill that shit with the way you treat him and waiting for him to fuck up. Single mena and lesbians, there are good women out there that are not filled with drama or only want to dip in your pocket. Trust me when I say there are women that are willing to treat you like the king (or queen) that you are because you have decided to be a part of their life. Do not approach every woman with a divide and conquer attitude either. Most women are not with that shit. Communication baby. It is the foundation to everything having to do with significant others and romantic relationships. Hell it's the foundation for everything period. Try to get to know a person if you gonna judge them. Every woman ain't a gold digging bitch, and every male ain't a dog ass mutha fucka. Once we quit treating each other as such, then there will be more good men and women around for the picking. Get yourself in check before you pass judgement and don't believe the societal bullshit that swarms around you. Otherwise you are going to be a lonely mutha fucka for the rest of your life. There are.good ones still out there. They are all around you. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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