Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Vajaja Won't Keep Him

Okay here's the deal: I am about to be 25 in a month and ever since I was in high school, I have been hearing females claim that their "stuff" is so good that it can change any man and put him in his place. They say shit like "with this pussy he will never stray" and stupid shit like that. They really believe that the vagina they giving away is keeping money coming out his pocket, him from cheating, and his eyes to himself. "My man will never do that. The pussy is too good to him." Newsflash: he can and he has. To the females of the world that think their pussy is so great no man that touches it would want another, I like your confidence but please bring yo ass down from that high ass horse yo ass is sitting on. There is not a woman on earth that can keep their significant other from cheating or leaving if they want to. Guess what? Shit happens. Now I'm not saying these aren't stupid for doing the shit. I give no defence for those that are wrong, and this is way I am putting you ridiculous females out there that believe that dumb shit on blast. Yeah yo vajaja could be great, but if the actual sex act ain't on point, he or she will find someone that can get the job done. Ain't nothing wrong with saying that its good. I say it from time to time because that is what I have been told, but I know it won't keep a person there. If he or she wants to leave, the door is open and there is nothing that is going to keep he or she from walking through it but personal choice. They not sticking wit yo conceded ass because ya pussy is just the bomb and shit. They are doing it because they see something in you that is worth more than that to them. I can't deal with that kind of attitude. What created it? The right man or woman told them their vajaja is just that good, and it stuck ever since. Guess what darling? There is one out there that is better and belongs to a more quality woman. Betting yo life in it? Plan ya funeral in the process. Some men out there ain't any better. "Man shit all I gotta do is put this dick down and she is done. No man stands a chance against Mandango." Really? Personal experience: that shit ain't true. I have turned and shut down what I consider some of the best because of other reasons. Oh you think cuz you put it down I'm going to be stalking you and wanting a relationship and all in yo face and all on you like white in rice? That I won't step out on you or even look at another? Lmao let me stop laughing real quick. You out yo fucken mind! I explore all other factors about you before I even make silly decisions like that. How good you are in bed means nothing to me if you disrespect me or treat me like I'm nothing. Being another notch on your belt ain't an honor for me boo boo, so don't you ever think that I am going to praise it by stroking yo ego just so I can be left with a wide open nose and hurt feelings. It ain't that serious sweetie. I've had better. Is it true? It might be. Just know there is always somebody better out there, no matter what we talking about. My point: don't think because you giving it up that this person is going to be so caught up in it that he or she going to do what you want when you want and never going to leave ya side. If that is the case, cheating wouldn't go on at such high rates. Don't think its going to work? Having doubts? Keep yo dick in your pants or your legs closed, whichever one applies to you. Everything comes down to personal choice. If that person chooses to do so, then that's it. There is nothing your genitalia is going to do about that. Better pick up some other skills and a better personality becauase the competition out there shows no mercy. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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