Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Filthy Nails and Hands

I was having a conversation a few days ago while I was at work and the person that I was talking to complimented me on my nails and how clean they are. I thanked him, as a person should do, but the conversation changed to that subject. Dirty nails. Eww. I have seen them on men and women alike, and it is antonishing how some people can let their nails get to a point to where even if you clean them they still look dirty. Your occupation is not an excuse. Lack of time is not an excuse. I developed the habit of picking dirt out my nails. Some people hate the sound it makes when my nails click, but they stay clean. I don't like dirt in my nails. Makes me uneasy. There is bacteria and germs in dirt. Why would I want that sitting in my nails? That's nasty. I'm checking my nails right now to make sure they are clean. By the way, I am talking about my own natural nails, not acrylics. I have nothing against acrylic nails, and if my nails didn't grow so fast I would have acrylics more often, but even when I go get them done, that habit still doesn't change. You think you got a shot at touching me with dirty nails? Anything past a hug is a no, and you better be glad if I let you do that much. Dirty nails make me question a person's hygiene. I mean if your nails are always dirty, how often do you bathe? Do you regularly wash your hands? How much stuff do you touch that you transfer dirt onto? I mean really? This is what runs through my mind when I see dirty nails. Oh and please believe I will never permit a person to even think of touching my naked body with that kind of shit going on. Why? So you can place that dirt on and/or in my body and cause abnormal shit to happen? Umm I think not. Yes y'all know what I am talking about. I hate to say this, but I will: females with dirty nails are definitely looked at differently. You talking about nasty? Nah. A female with dirty nails is looked at as untouchable on all levels. A man will see that shit and think you are just eww. Don't get me wrong. There are some men that don't pay that much attention to that kind of stuff. They don't gibe a fuck about that. As long as you don't have the overall appearance of looking dirty or unapproachable, then it ain't an issue. Guess what? I question that shit. Of course, fake nails and nail polish hide this sort of thing, and most people think of this sort of thing to be ridiculous. Who gives a fuck about that kind of shit? I do. Why? Clean nails most often equals clean hands and clean bodies of people that are consceince of germs and bacteria. That is why I pay attention to that. The site of dirt in nails is horrid to me. Now let me put something else out there: I do not get regular manicures. No I do not pay a person to file and clean my nails because I can do that myself, and I do. May not be as good but it is done to my satisfaction and I believe I have been doing a good job at it. Here's a question that comes to mind: what about feet? Personally I don't like feet. Unless it's summertime and they have good looking feet, I am going to want a person to wear socks around me anyway, but I do enjoy pedis and I take care of my toe nails just as much as I take care of my fingernails. I wear socks all the time, but I make sure my nails are as clean as possible. All of them! I won't too much into that but I will say that females have to be more better at this as well. Fellas it is okay to get a manicure. It does make you gay and all that shit. It just means you are taking that extra step to having clean nails. I have seen some of the best nails on men and some of the absolute worst on women. It is possible people. Take care of your nails. Wash your hands regularly. Clean the dirt out when you get the chance to. Please refrain from touching somebody's exposed body parts with dirty hands. Oh and please don't think you will get anywhere near my food. Umm fuck no I dont play those kind of games. I am good on that shit! Having clean hands and nails is good hygiene. If you dont want to clean your nails, pay somebody to do it for you or request that somebody handles that on your behalf. Wash ya hands regularly and when you do clean under your nails in the process. If you don't know proper handwashing procedures, look it up in YouTube. I'm sure there is a video for it. Even if you don't wash yo ass regularly (oh boy I am going the fuck in on that post), at least clean hands and nails will trick a mutha fucka into thinking you do. I am not just saying this because of personal preference. I am just giving a little word of advice. Dont think I know what I am talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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