Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dress Attire

The discussion that has been had amongst friends, both young and old, is what is wrong with people and the way they dress these days. Some of this stuff that is out there is just that, out there. What I am wondering about is what's up with these females that believe wearing something two sizes too small from them is okay and these dudes that believe that sagging skinny jeans is the way to go with their wardrobe. I mean seriously? A dude tried to talk to me wearing skinny jeans and I thought it was horrid. I laughed at him and kept it moving. Women: we have to do better with the fit of our colthing. Yes something can fit without being tight. I mean really though? If it is clear that you are not a size 12, don't put on that when you know you are a 18. We see you and we know that ain't right. Oh and just because it is in your size don't mean it look good on you. I really get irked when I see muffin tops and incorrect usage of clothes. Its not attarctive. Males: if I can see yo draws, I will refrain from giving you attention. That is not the move. I'm too old to think that is even remotely cute. Also, skinny jeans are not to be worn by any male PERIOD! I don't care what you tell me or how much many and fame you got. Its not cool. And yes I can tell the difference between straight leg and skinny baby. You ain't fooling anybody. To both sexes: if you look in the mirror and something doesn't seem right, make a change or ask a friend. Strong word of advice: please let your friends know when something does not look right on them. It is not okay to let your friends walk around looking all kinds of wrong period. Yes feelings might get hurt but at least they will not be embarrassed. Trust me when I say I will not go anywhere with anybody if I feel their outfit is not working. Oh and stop wearing your pajamas to the store. I don't give a fuck how long you gonna be in there. Put some damn clothes on or don't walk out the door unless you driving and don't plan to get out the car. Dress according to the weather. If it is February and it is 80° (yes this is possible) it is okay to dress accordingly, but please don't have on shorts in 50° weather with wind chills. Yeah I have seen it. Fellas, sagging shorts DOES NOT substitute for pants. I swear that irks me to the fullest. Putting your hands in your shirt does not substitute for a coat. Check weather reports as often as you can people and always be prepared for the unexpected because sometimes these weather people be wrong as shit. Am I saying carry a jacket around in the summer time? No but you might want to have some sort of rain gear in the case of unexpected showers. I know an umbrella goes everywhere I go. Dress for the occasion. A freak'em dress to the movies is just as wrong as a T-shirt and shorts to a job interview. Yes I have seen both and worse. Oh you thought I forgot about kids? Not by a long shot. Parents, dress your children correctly and in the right stuff. Your child or children needs to look as good as you or better. I want to sleep the shit out of these people I see with their kids looking ridiculous but they look as if they are fresh off a photo shoot. Really though? Somebody please pass me the number to DFACS. I can't take it. That doesn't irk me. That pisses me off. Also, let yo kids be kids and be themselves, but please make them dress for the weather and for the activities they are going to engage in as well. I am not a parent. This is true, but I know what is right and what is wrong on a child. It doesn't take having one to see that. I used to be a baby, a child, a tween, and a teenager. I am not just saying these things people. This is not coming from just anywhere and none of this has been fabricated so that I can make my point. To that chick that walked into that juniors store and said they are discriminating because there was nothing there in your size, this is dedicated to you. Please go shop somehwere that carries your correct size and stop trying to fit into a size you ain't worn since 5th grade. I can say this. I have been a size 16 since I was in 7th grade. It is possible and I do look good in my clothes. All I am saying is this: be comfortable but be correct in what you wear. If it doesn't look or feel right, its probably not. Do yourself a favor and change it. Please listen to those that are trying to advise you on what to put on, but also be aware of how this person or these people dress as well. I am all up for individualilty and not following trends, but there are some things that are just not okay by any means. Know your stuff people. Don't think I know what I am talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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