Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let Me Do It or Do It Yourself

As I sit here and I bounce to the random songs that my iTunes is playing, I think about something that is truly random at the moment but not that random: don't you dislike it when people ask you to do something but then they want to tell you how to do it their way and shit? I will give an example. You are asked to cook dinner by your significant other, and you accept. It's dinner. You can handle that. He or she wants something simple, like baked chicken, rice and gravy. You like cool that can work, I can work that out. You proceed to the kitchen only to see this mutha fucka all over your shoulder looking at your every move. He or she telling you what to do with the chicken, how to season shit, how high or low the water should be for the rice, etc., etc. "Why don't you wash the dishes as you go along?" "Use the other kind of rice. I like that more." "You sure you want gravy." Man you wanted this shit a certain way, why yo ass ain't this kitchen cooking this shit? I mean really? You wanna be lazy tonight but want to tell me how you wanna do shit. If you gonna ask me to do something, let me fucken do it the way that I want to do it at the pace that I want to do it. Please do not be all in my face or all down my throat or all on my ass about something that you asked me to do. Remind yourself that I am doing something you asked me to do, not the other way around. I mean fa real shawty? Sit the fuck down with all that extra shit! If you don't trust me enough to do a good job or the way that you want it done, simply don't ask me to do it. I mean shit. Oh and keep all attitude and side comments to yourself if shit is not getting done the way you want it. That shit is a serious pet peeve of mine and pisses me off quick, fast, and in a fucken hurry. I strongly dislike that shit. Do the shit yourself if you going to be that picky or particular about shit. Appreciate the fact that the person was nice enough to do the shit for you in the first place, and correct them only when necessary, i.e. they are putting up a ladder and its not getting done right. That's a safety hazard. Somebody can get hurt. Correct them then. Don't just be doing the shit because that is how you want shit to be. If you got a list of guidelines of what is being done, you need to be paying someone to do that shit for you. Don't ask somebody to do something for you for free and be an ass about it. Oh and don't think because you threw money in the equation that it gives you the right to be an ass because it doesn't, but it does give you more right to have something done the way that you want it done. Don't ask me to do a damn thing if all you going to do is criticize me and judge the way that I am doing what you asked because that shit is annoying. If you want it to be done a certain way, state that in the beginning so that there is less of a hassle when it is done. I can actually deal with that more than you waiting til I am trying to complete that task and telling me how wrong I am when I am doing it. I don't care if it is as simple as screwing in a light bulb. If you ask me to do it, let me handle it. Point I'm trying to make: let me handle something that you have asked me to do the way that I want to do it or just do the shit yourself. It is that simple. Appreciate the fact that I am actually handling something that you asked me to do for you, and don't take it for granted. Remember, I didn't have to do that shit in the first place. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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