Thursday, January 12, 2012

Everything Ain't For Everybody

So I was chatting with a close friend this morning, and he told me that he was watching Pinky's music video. Yes Pinky the porn star Pinky. Now I have no problem with Pinky's work. As a matter of fact, I love her videos and such, but I have seen only one minute of that music video he is referring to, Bad Bitch. I know there are more by her, but I don't support any of that. Why? Because to me she is not a good music artist. I think her rapping is not good at all, and she needs to stick to shaking her ass and getting butt naked on film. Yes I said it. For those of you that think I am being negative or whatnot, watch the video for yourself and see what you think. This is my opinion, and my opinion is that she needs to stick to what she know and that is working in the porn industry and making appearances. Rapping ain't for her. As a matter of fact, it ain't for any porn star. Brian Pumper ain't an exception either. Yes I think his music sucks too and I have heard more than one song by him in their entirety. I do recognize and applaud them for the effort that they put in so that they can do more than just get naked in flicks, but they are not good at this. I'm sorry, but I am going to have to say that some people need to learn that everything ain't for everybody. Everybody can't make it in the music industry. Yeah I give support to what I think is good, and that shit ain't good. There are people out now that I think are annoying and terrible but make great music for when I'm drunk and at the club, and I haven't been to a club in what is now a couple almost three years, so that says a lot. I can't deal. Everybody can't go from one industry to the next. It doesn't work for everyone. Yes there are some athletes that can act. Yes there are some actors and actresses that can sing and dance. Not everybody can do it, and just because you have the money to do it does not mean you need to do it. I mean that. Just because you are rich or have the money to afford to make ventures like this does not mean you need to do it. Yeah they have the money to get the studio time and make the videos and whatnot, but that does not mean that they should get the green light to do it. The first time I saw that shit, I was like what the fuck is this? Some people need to know how to stay in their lane. This goes for everything. I have heard some women say that they can do shit because a man does it. It ain't for you, sweetie. Just because that dude is running around scratching at his genitals and spitting everywhere don't give you the green light to do it. I have also heard the reverse. That's right. I have heard men say they can do some shit because females do it, i.e. being extra emotional and crying about everything. That shit ain't okay either. Like I said before, some people need to know how to stay in their lane. All entertainment ain't the same, and just because you good at one form don't mean you going to be the shit at another. I'm sitting here wondering how people made to where they are right now because I think their shit is crappy. But hey what do I know? I am just a fan of music, movies, television, sports, and books, most of the forms of entertainment on this Earth. Now I know people that are great at a lot of things, but they do not try to do some shit they know is not for them. I am going to tell you when something is bad. I mean you will get my initial support until I believe that what you doing ain't for you, then I will tell you. Yeah I don't try to act, rap, sing, or dance, but I know this stuff ain't for me. Know your strengths and weaknesses. If you are good at more than one thing, then I definitely will applaud you and such, but that ain't always the case. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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