Saturday, December 8, 2012

One Sided Investments

Okay, after a six month hiatus, I am back people. Yes ladies and gentlemen, niggas and niggettes, I am back. The crowd goes wild...yaaay! Okay seriously, I wanted to say something about a subject people talk about and, of course, I had a conversation about earlier. Let's start with the story that got me on this topic in the first place. So my best friend and I was talking about chicks and whatnot. He proceeds to start talking about this chick he done hit right? Well he says to me, "I think she trying to be my girl." My next actions: Smacks forehead. Looks up. Says "seriously?" Yeah I did that. Why do I have a problem with this? She is about to get her feelings hurt, and the only person to blame is herself. Do I give a fuck? No. I am fresh out of those and don't plan to get anymore ever. Here's the thing. All that "oh we should be together shit" when y'all just fucking...yeah don't do that. The only time I see how feelings can get caught up in it is when you are getting special treatment, and no that don't include you getting picked up instead of riding the bus. Just because a mutha fucka decided you didn't have to walk that five minutes from the bus stop to his house don't mean he care about you any more than he did before. When the only thing that has been established between you two is that y'all gonna fuck, where does all this feelings shit come from? Men, you think only women do it? Hahahaha WRONG! Y'all do that shit too. "I'm saying though Keshia why won't you be my girl?" Fool I don't like you like that! Please! Loving these hoes? Yeah I ain't about that life. You gotta be doing some extra special shit for me to get that deep in it. If you gonna start investing your feelings into shit, at least make sure that that y'all are having more conversations other than when the next time you coming through to give up some ass. Yeah that's all you are there for and that is the only relationship you have decided to have with this person, so please dont do all that extra shit when you get shut down. I ain't saying it gonna work. I'm saying that 99% of the time you gonna be the only mutha fucka to feel that way if the only interaction y'all have is the five minutes it takes for you to set up a fuck session and the actual fuck session itself. If y'all have been getting it on for about six months and you don't know this mutha fucka full name and birthday, you will never be his/her significant other. Nah that ain't happening. I'll do you one better. If he/she does not ever mentions anything about y'all hanging out or chilling with each other outside of fucking, not even to go as far as to ask you what you doing with the rest of your day, you can definitely forget about ever getting this person to move things in a different direction. Being a friend is one thing, but when there is a strict put your clothes on and leave policy between y'all after y'all done doing the do, why would you want to be with this person? This one dude thought I had feelings for him after a couple of years of this song and dance. Lmao boy he is too stupid. If it has already been established that all y'all gonna do is have sexual intercourse with each other, leave ya feelings alone. They don't deserve to get hurt because you had some ridiculous notion that you could change this person and how they feel about this situation. Nah. Never that. When its just sex involved, that's all it needs to be. Don't think I know what I'm talking about. Maybe I don't. Hey man...I'm just saying...

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