Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Assumption of One and Only

You're single. You meet this other single person. Y'all chit for a little while and then you decide that you are okay with this person so y'all exchange numbers. The conversation continues, and y'all discover that y'all are on the same page with what you want. At some point you decide to date. On date number three, you find out you are not the only one he/she is dating. You are pissed. You want to end the dating and still just be cool with the person. He/she didn't lie to you and tell you that you were the only one. You just assumed it. Guess what? You just created a common personal problem. Here comes the explanation. You didn't ask if this person was dating other people. You didn't inquire if this person was being monogamous with this special request in change to y'all relationship with one another. You just figured that this person have you and only you in his/her life like that. Why would you do that crazy shit? First of all, you should have asked this person do he/she intend to date other people. Second of all, you have to remember that this person is single and has no obligation to you. Thirdly, you can't expect this person to give up information you don't ask for. Finally, don't accuse him/her of lying of they haven't said shit. It ain't the same. There is an argument about that last one, but I'm staying on topic so fuck all that. Anywho, single people have the right to date and fuck and befriend and romance and do whatever with whoever they want. You can't expect this person to just be all into you if its not discussed like that. The understanding has to be put there: a single person can do what they want to do. Don't make yourself the limitation. If y'all are just fucking, don't assume that you are the only one. Oh hell nah. Don't ever assume you aren't the only one either when it comes to getting down with the get down. There are some that date and fuck just one person at a time, but don't just assume that person is you or the person you are interested in is that type of person. Don't wanna date someone dating others? Then don't. Don't wanna fuck a person fucking others? Then don't. It is as simple as that. Don't get mad if you find yourself to be in somebody's circle and didn't inquire on how they live life and get down. No matter how you chose to fuck with this person, you did it without research. Fumble. By the way, they don't have to tell you shit and they damn sho don't have to tell you the truth. Please remember these two statements when you decide to ask them about everything. Communication is key, and without some sort of communication, you will fall flat on your ass as you decide to put yourself in this kind of situation. All you had to do was ask. If he/she don't wanna answer your question, don't just assume he/she is being secretive and don't wanna say nothing. Maybe he or she thinks it is none of your fucken business and for you to stay in your lane. If this is voiced to you in this way, respect their honesty and know you have just been thrown a red flag. Oh and to all you mutha fuckas that think because you fucking or dating you in a relationship with this person, you are horribly mistaken and need to re-evaluate some shit cuz its something that only you know and are convinced of but this person is not. Under no circumstances should a person assume he or she is in a relationship with another person without this being discussed and agreed upon. I had a friend tell me about some bitch that assumed they was in a relationship because they would fuck. The only reason she got to spend the night was because she rides the bus and she had to wait to the morning to get home. Chick didn't know that we don't love these hoes. You can't just put yourself in that kind of situation with somebody and think they are just gonna agree to it. "Oh yeah baby since you are my woman..." "oh I'm your woman huh? Yeah I guess that's cool..." Not even in movies bruh. That fantasy is straight bullshit in a pretend world. Fuck were you thinking? When involving your feelings and heart, you can't assume anything. You gotta discuss, clarify, and agree. Its that simple. Otherwise you gonna be singing that men/women ain't shit song and dance yo ass right into the world of you crazy mutha fucka land where everybody tells you how you done lost your damn mind for thinking that it was just you and that there was more than what it was. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Well somebody does. Hey man...I'm just saying...

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