Saturday, December 8, 2012


Okay so this is gonna touch some nerves of some people that I know and might just get my ass kicked. I just want to point out that I am entitled to my personal opinion and I am giving it. Don't like it? Let me know. I'll take it into consideration. Okay on to what I wanted to talk about...bosses. When I hear the word boss, I think of a mutha fucka that hires and fires people. Somebody that makes the schedule and signs off on checks for other mutha fuckas. Somebody that works hard for what they earn, no matter how they earn it but have other people earning or just simply working up under them. Bosses. If you don't have a fucken job, stop calling yourself a boss. If you have no source of income whatsoever, don't even think about calling yourself a boss. If you call the shots of nothing, you not a boss period. Quit screaming you a fucken boss like you in a damn music video and about to become that next big thing. It ain't fucking happening dude. This goes for everybody. I am so sick of females talking about they are boss bitches but can't don't work or have a side hustle or nothing. And no broke ass hoe solely living off somebody else don't make you a boss. Get yo supposed to be grown ass up and make your own fucken money. That's something bosses do. Fellas, popping bottles and chasing these hoes with your rent and bill money don't make you a boss. It makes you stupid. Get yo mind right. Want to live like Rick Ross still having your keys taken by ya mama cuz you didn't take the trash out. What boss you know lives like that? There are 15 year olds that run their own side hustles. They can say they're bosses more than yo broke ass. Sound like you need to make some moves shawty. I mean do you really think you a boss for real? Oh my bad. You living through a song. Here, let me help you out: in reality, you a regular mutha fucka that sits on yo ass and waits for the next mutha fucka to make something happen for you. Don't work. Don't grind. Dont even offer a service or product to sell. Just lazy. Sorry to inform you that your "boss" life don't exist, but I guess that person that is fucking you is giving you some glimmer of hope that it is. End that shit please. I know I might be going off the deep end with this one, but there are so called adults that have this kind of mentality. It fucks with my sanity. Ugh what the fuck man? Until you are making boss moves or have some sort of boss qualities, don't ever think you deserve to call yourself a boss. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Haha okay. Hey man...I'm just saying...

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