Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DNA Testing...Are You the Daddy?

After a 8 month absence from the world, I am back. Yes ladies and gentlemen I have returned. It is time that I have come back and said something to the world. One of today's topics: paternity tests. The reason why I am bringing this up is because this is a subject that can be seen all over the place and is brought up to a lot of couples that have babies without being married. Why? Accusations of the chick sleeping around. All of a sudden, she a ho. Okay dead beat ass nigga, that is not always the case. Maybe you just a ridiculous ass nigga that don't want to feed another mouth but yours. Maybe you are insecure and think that she don't want just you. Hey dude, chill out with that shit. If you two are in a relationship, I really have to wonder if you trusted her in the first place. Two people make a baby. Hey guess what? You are that other person! Get ready to come out the pocket and quit this bullshit. Also, Maury is not a good place to take care of this issue. Don't embarrass yourselves. Hey ladies, you are not off the hook. Yall just as bad running around here fucking more than one dude and not saying nothing. Look if there is even a slight possibilty that you know he might not be the father, please save the drama and extra bullshit and just tell him. Stop trying to save face because you blew that shit when you decided to buss it open. It's easier to just let him get the test done when the baby or babies are born than wait until little sweet cheeks is two years old and the fact that he/she shows no resemblence to this guy you claim to be the daddy starts to come into play. Oh and do not deliberately allow another man to take care of child you know is not his without it being his own personal choice. That has to be some shit to get yo block knocked off. Dirty as a fuck I tell you. Don't wanna end up in this situation? It's called birth control. Condoms come in different sizes and made in other types of material other than latex. If you are a cheating mutha fucka, and this applies to both, you need to be way more careful than that. Why not wear a condom with the side chick? You don't know who that bitch is fucking. Why not tell the side nigga to wrap it up? Trust me if ya man find out about him he might be a dead dude. Preventative measures to take so that you don't look like an asshole. Don't act like you didn't know this person ain't shit either. All the signs are there early. You just have to peep them out. Yes that applies to both sides. No I don't have kids of my own so I have not been through the "is it mine?" argument, but I figured this is simple advice that will keep yall from wanting to ring each others' necks later. The innocent bystander in this situation is always the child, and at the end of the day you both are at fault. Stop throwing fingers as if only one of you is to blame. Honesty needs to play a part to prevent the waiting game for a piece of paper saying that the child is yours or not. Fellas, if you won't make her a wife, don't make her a mother. If she has a child already, you already have been given noticed that she is fertile. Ladies same for you. If you can't see yourself with this man for the rest of your life, tell that nigga to wrap it up. No need to be stuck with his ass for the rest of your life because you wanted to get a nut off. Not worth it. Oh and if I hear one more mutha fucka tell me they was drunk...look yall know yall need to chill out with that shit. All children are blessings, but please try not to put yourself or anybody else in this situation. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Most people don't. Hey man...I'm just saying.

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