Monday, July 30, 2012

Holding Out...For What?

So...I had a random thought on my way home this morning about a conversation I was having a few days ago with this dude about dating. One part of this conversation is the talk of sex on the first date. Am I wit it? Am I against it? What do I do when it comes down to giving it up? Well its like this: I believe and support sex on the first date. No that doesn't mean I give it up on every first date that I go on, but I ain't against doing it either. To be honest, I know when I see a person if I wanna fuck them or not. I just determine how long I am gonna wait to go for it when/if we have a conversation with each other. If that's all I want from a dude, then all this dating and going out and spending money on me shit ain't necessary. Give me what I want and be on your way. Now, let's get the subject of this post: women that hold out on giving up the vajaja. Yes I support you making your own decisions but there is only two reasons I will try and talk you out of not waiting to give it up: because I think the reason you are holding out is purely stupid and because I actually care about why you are doing it. What's a stupid reason you ask? "He/she gonna think I'm a ho." Hunny this ain't 1999. If he/she thinks you a ho for giving up within two weeks of meeting, he/she thought you were a ho when you met. Lets be real. In this person's eyes you were always the freak and at some point in the near future this person figured they could get you to buss it open. Just saying. If all it took was a trip to Red Lobster and some cheesy biscuits (those biscuits are the shit by the way) then so be it, but don't think he/she just had the magically thought that you are easy because you fucked the first date. Most real men or women just think you know what you want in life. Hell if you are the aggressor in the situation some will actually want you more. Some women have this thought that you are supposed to make a man or woman wait til after a certain time period to have sex with a person. What if after that 60 day period this person no longer has interest in touching you or you in general? I want you to know off top that he or she will fuck other people until you decide to give it up. Oh you mad? Sounds like you need to buss it open. We all adults here. If you that caught up in your feelings about fucking maybe that is something for you to definitely work on. Who knows? Fucking this person could make them want you even more. If they quit fucking wit you like that after you give it up then you now know they on some high school shit and ain't worth your time anyway. The ones that usually end up in this situation? The ones that hold out the least that's what I heard. I don't know. If I want it I am going for it. Fuck it. I'm grown and don't have a single fuck to give about how a mutha fucka feel about me after the fact. Oh you wanna disappear? Well do it in a quickness so I can go on with life. Want to act funny? Know that I am laughing at yo ass from afar and laugh even harder when you come back wanting something from me. Personal opinion: holding out is a little unnecessary if it ain't for the right reasons. Taking things slowly? That's fine. Really want something serious out of it? Understandable. Know this: there are successful marriages that have started from two people that fucked each other when they first met. Fuck the first date. That came later. There have also been failed relationships from people that have decided to wait. All of it is a toss up. My suggestion: give it up when you ready, no matter how long or short of a period of time it is. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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