Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pick It Up...I Know You See It

One thing that we are taught as children is how to clean up after ourselves. Somebody is there to tell us to pick up our shit off our bedroom floors, kitchen counters, dining room tables, and living rooms, just to name a few places. Eventually, you would think a person that is taught this from a young age would make it a habit and learn how to clean up after themselves in every aspect of their daily lives, no matter what the situation maybe. Unfortunately I have learned that this is not the case. There are people of adult age that don't know how to clean up after themselves. They don't know the simple concept of picking up after themselves or wiping something up that they have spilled. Your bedroom is your business, but if you a nasty mutha fucka, I suggest you don't entertain there. If your house is dirty and you are expecting company, please do that person the common courtesy of tidy up your shit and eliminating all smells before this person gets there. If I walk in your house for the first time and I see all kinds of everything everywhere, I am not gonna wanna be there for long. If there is a bad smell, you can forget about me coming back. Oh and fucking? Out the question. A nasty house is the result of a nasty person. How do you expect me to believe that you keep yourself clean if you don't keep your surroundings at least decent? Some people can leave in all levels of filth. That is on you hunny, but I will he the one to ask you questions. Yes I will question that dirty dish in your floor. Yes I will wonder what that is stuck to your wall. Yeah I will ask you why is there a smell in your house. What the fuck man? If it is that serious, you should never entertain at home. Oh and don't just clean up the main place that you will be chilling out and not the pathway it takes to get there. If you know you have to walk through the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen before you reach the bedroom, you might want to clean all that shit up and make it look presentable BEFORE they get there. I don't blame them for leaving if they come in and it looks like there has been a party for a month straight in that bitch. Oh so the kitchen dirty? Nah I dont want nothing to eat or drink. Don't get mad at me refusing either. I seen that roach crawl across your counter and a month's worth of dishes in your sink. Just disgusting. Oh y'all think I am just talking about men? I have seen and heard of some of the most disgusting shit come from WOMEN! That's right, women can and in some cases are dirtier and nastier than men are. When I was in college, I leaved on campus for two years. The second year was horrid when it came to the bathroom situation. I swear we had a floor meeting with our RA every other week about the bathroom. It was disgusting to see women leave like that. I mean really. It was a female's apartment that helped me to develop my hatred for bad smells. I mean if I smell it and it is unpleasant, I start to cringe. I mean I will get highly pissed. Shit is just wrong when you know you can prevent that. Let me get to the point: the way that you keep your place and surroundings are a reflection of yourself. We all have busy lives, and yeah there is going to be some clutter. Nobody is perfect, but there is a difference between a light mess and complete disgustingness. Please don't be repulsive. Pick up after yourself and keep ya shit clean. Hey man...I'm just saying...

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