Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh So Now You A Fan?

This past weekend was the first weekend of the NFL Playoffs. The Wild Card games were played, and four losses happened. One just happened to be my team, the Atlanta Falcons. Anybody that knows me knows that I am a die hard Falcons fan and will be til the day I die. Even though I am not originally from Atlanta, I have always been a fan of the Red and Black. My very first football game was the Falcons against the Detroit Lions in the Pontiac Silverdome when I was in the 4th grade, and the Falcons kicked ass. I never forgot that memory when I moved to Atlanta a year or so later, and I have always cheered for my boys since then. According to some people, I shouldn't be a Falcons fan. I shouldn't be a fan because I'm not from Atlanta originally. I shouldn't be a fan because they suck. I shouldn't be a fan because they are just not the team that is going to do it. I have heard stats, moments, and observations that have been used in arguments to why my team is just not the team to cheer for. Make no mistake about it, I cheer for a true underdog at times, and you know what? That will NEVER change. Yes I love my boys, and I refuse to be a all-of-a-sudden die hard fan of any other PERIOD! Yes there are other teams that get my support every once in a while, and there are other teams that I enjoy watching, but the only team that I am a true blue fan of is the Falcons and a couple of college teams, the Michigan Wolverines and the GA Southern Eagles. What does this mean? These are the only teams that ignite an emotion in me when I watch them play and they are mentioned. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, and you don't have to cheer for my team, but don't be a bandwagoner. What do I mean? Don't be a fan of one team and when they don't do what you want, i.e. make it to the playoffs or win a certain amount of games, you ain't a fan no more and become a huge and unprecedented fan of another. Really? You just a fan for them because they winning. You ain't fooling me. I know die hard fans of teams that have had it hard all season, and they ain't walking around deciding that another team is now "their team". Don't understand what I'm saying? I will use the game from Sunday. I haven't seen so many people that were all-of-a-sudden Giants fans until Sunday. I'm not just talking about the people that cheer for the team because they like them. No I mean these people have gone as far as to sit there and claim them as "their team," posting their team logo as a profile picture and putting up statuses and all in my face talking shit. I know bandwagoners, and that shit ain't cool. Their opinion matters less because I know they wasn't a fan of the team that they are defending so fucken hard last week but they are this week. Get the fuck outta here! And then I was told that I need to change teams because mines suck. I take this as just trash talk coming from another football fan, and I respected and joked with him and talked shit back as well. That is what sports fans do, if you are a real sports fan. Don't talk shit to me when I know you don't watch football at all. Your opinion does not matter at all. I mean I don't give a fuck what you have to say because I know you wasn't watching until my team hit the screen and you just trying to piss me off. You headed down the right road. Don't be a fan when the playoffs come around. I know people that talk shit all year but won't sit down to watch one game until playoffs come and then don't even watch all of that. Really mutha fucka? Sit yo ass down. To all the women out there that thinks it is okay to be a fan of football around playoff time because yo man or the one you want is watching, sit yo ass down. That shit ain't attractive, and he can see right through yo bullshit. I hang around real fans that are watching and can follow the game fairly well, and yes they have a team they are fans of. Guess what? They are not all male, so please don't tell me I'm one of those chicks that don't know what the fuck is going on but is watching because I know men love it. I'm not. I may not know stats by heart and all that, but I am a football fan, and I love it. If I could find out when the tryouts are for a women's league, I would try and play. No bullshit. Don't be a fan out of no where, and don't pick your teams because of records. If your team has a losing record that year, don't move to one with a winning record and keep changing because the team you picked loses. Man you are an embarrassment to sports fans everywhere. Oh and this goes for any sport, even though the only sport I have a team for is football. Falcons fan. Georgia Southern Eagles fan. Michigan Wolverines fan. That is all. I cheer for other teams at times, but when it comes down to playing my team, they take a backseat quick. I have good sportsmanship for those that also exhibit good sportsmanship. I know bandwagonersBandwagoner. I told him not to talk to me unless it has to do with work. Can't deal with that fuckery. I am willing to talk shit all day with real sports fans, even if I am pissed after a loss. It is all fun and games when you talking about your team, but if you just hating and just want to see my team lose for no fucken reason, shut the fuck up. Also, don't be like "yeah I'm behind this team" one day and then be like "yeah I am definitely with such and such" because yo team didn't get the job done. That's bullshit. I have decided to watch the rest of the playoffs here and there, and I do enjoy watching the Ravens play, but make no mistake about it. I am only a fan of the Falcons when it comes to professional football, period. If you wasn't a fan before, don't be a fan now. If you decide to do that shit, don't talk to me about it because I will point that out to you. It's whatever though. Do you. Just don't do that shit around me. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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