Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Age and Maturity Are Not on the Same Page

Hello everyone. Sigh...I take a deep breath because I really need to calm my nerves a little bit before I start this post out. (takes deep breath) Okay, I can do this.

People of the world that have decided to read this, I have taken it upon myself to bring up something that has been said to me and others on numerous occasions for numerous reasons. Maturity is supposed to increase and grow along with age, but this is only in a perfect world. In reality, we all know the truth, and the truth is that maturity does not increase with age. As a matter of fact, they are not even on the same page. Apparently, women are supposed to mature faster than men, but I can't lie: sometimes, I really don't see that shit. As you are supposed to mature with age, I know more than a few people that are older than me by years and are way less mature than myself, and I'm 24, so that says alot. For example, I was asked am I going to stop acting like a bitch and respond by this guy that I have not said a word to in months. Excuse me sir, but you are damn near 30. Is that really necessary? I mean why can't you just accept the fact that I don't want to talk to you and go on about your life? I don't want you, and your advances are not even on an adult level. Every time I read a message from this person, I feel like I'm being hit up by a high school boy. Are you serious? Like stop this shit. Maturity would have stopped him from acting like that, but obviously that is something that he lacks. Yes, I have had childish moments, and at times, I still do, but I have also gained a lot of maturity. How do I know? Had this been a couple of years ago, I would have went the fuck off and cussed that ass completely out for that message. That is what I used to do. Key word: USED! I don't react like that anymore unless it is really warranted, but that is not something to warrant that kind of response. I'm grown. Don't talk to me that way. There is ways of talking to people other than using curse words and yelling. Cursing someone out over the littlest or most obvious shit is something meant for teenagers. Yelling is something kids do. Sit the fuck down, sir. Another example: dude hit me up after not talking to me for a month and thought that I would still be interested in meeting him, like I am just sitting around and waiting on his phone call or something. I have a life buddy, and damn sure doesn't revolve around you. Smh...and he is way older than me. C'mon man! First I get a hissy fit from what is supposed to be a grown ass man and now you coming at me like I am supposed to just drop everything that I'm doing and cater to you? I don't know you! People, if someone you trying to get at don't say a word to yo ass, give up. Let the shit go, especially if you have had no prior relationship with this person, and no fucking does not count. Maturity. If you are mature enough to do it, you will walk away from the situation and let it be. Cursing out the chick that walked past you on the street ain't going to get you anywhere. Sending crazy ass messages to a dude's Facebook is not going to get you anywhere with him. I dislike childish mutha fuckas. People that like making scenes and doing stupid shit they know is wrong and acting out at the drop of a dime. ENOUGH ALREADY! Sorry I'm getting loud. Okay, I'm good. Just because a person is at the age of being an adult does not mean that he or she is in the mental mind state of an adult. I have met a 40 year old that acts like he is 20. Excuse me sir, act your age. People say that shit, but sometimes you don't want that because the majority of the people that may be their age don't act right either. Maturity comes with growth. If you ain't growing as a person, then you are going to continue to act like a child. He obviously has not had any growth because he still acts the same way that he did when I met him years ago. Again I'm 24. Met him when I was 18. I have grown. What is his excuse? Reading this post, if you have read some of my others, then you will notice that I have toned down my cursing in this one. Maturity. I don't have to talk this way, but if you know me, then you know this is how I speak. It's me. Yeah you can do you, but you have to know how to react to situations and how to deal with certain things in an adult matter if you are of adult age. Hell, once you hit high school, that is when I expect for your maturity to begin. I'm just saying. When you get to college, you damn sure need to start gaining some maturity. You know when your maturity really kicks in? When you are doing 80% of the things you need to do for yourself by yourself. Childish is never a good look, and throwing a tantrum like a child just make you look as such. It's not cute. It's not attractive. You will not get good responses like that. Act your age. Period. Don't know how to do that? Develop the mind set of someone older. Only around other childish people? Create a new circlefuckery. Anyway, my point is this: don't assume a person is mature because of their age. Their age don't mean shit compared to their mental state of mind. I have met plenty of people that are years and years older than me and still act like they in high school. I'm sorry, but you have to give the fucking bitches and getting money mentality after the age of 40. You gotta want more for your life than that. Some of my previous posts have pointed out immature people. I just believe that there are ways to handle things in a mature matter. Your age does not matter, and the situation doesn't either. Take that into consideration the next time you decide to cuss somebody out over something petty. See how good you feel after the fact. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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