Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sometimes You Might Want to Think of Others: Consideration

I'm going to tell a little story, and I hope that the person that I'm talking about reads this, but nine times out of ten, she won't because she don't know me. So I went to Wal Mart on Thanksgiving to get a couple of things for my mama before we made the strip to her house. A bag of ice, some hand soap, and something else. Don't remember the last thing, but that is irrelevant to the story. Anyway, I didn't have much, and the lines were not very long, so I got in the shortest express lane. The only person in front of me was this chick in a rolling cart (you know, the motorized ones), and I thought she was just going to put her stuff up on the counter, pay, and leave. I was like cool, she ain't going to be here long. I didn't know that she was going to be going through like 20 kids' outfits and asking the cashier how much shit is and why you can't buy it as one and what her total is after each one and picking through the shit, etc., etc. She even went as far as to ask the cashier if there were any other stores open like Ross or Marshalls. Bitch, she works at Wal Mart and is currently trying to serve yo ass, how would she know that? Anyway, I stood there for like 15 minutes, in the shortest line now, waiting for her to move, and she seen me and like two other people standing there waiting on her to get out the way. She was fully capable of walking; I watched her get up and out that cart and walk perfectly around it several times. She didn't buy half the shit that shit had and didn't even have the courtesy to say something to me about taking so fucken long. This is way I told this story: I strongly dislike inconsiderate people. I dislike those that do not have any bit of thought of others whatsoever. No, I'm not saying that you have to care for my well-being or anything of that nature, but if you know that you are about to pull a stunt like she did, at least let me go in front of you so that I can take my minute or so to get everything rung up and paid for so that I can go on about my day. Other people don't do it for you huh? Two wrongs don't make a right, and the people that treat you that way are just as bad. Consideration can be and is defined as, by one of it's many definitions, "thoughtful or sympathetic regard or respect" or "thoughtfulness for others". You see people, when you only think of you at all times, this concept goes out the window, and then you do rude shit like she did. An example of consideration: I went to Family Dollar the other day and, again, I only had a few items. This dude in front of me had a cart full of stuff, and he asked me was I ready to go and is that all I had. I said yes, and he allowed me to get in front of him because he knew that he was going to be awhile. I made sure that everything I had is what I wanted, paid for it, and left. How hard is that?! I mean shit! That type of consideration has happened to me on NUMEROUS occasions. I have done it for others. Another thing: if you see me doing something, even if it is sleeping, please leave me be unless it is an emergency or that damn important to where it can't wait. I hate to be interrupted for bullshit. Please be considerate enough to give me the satisfaction of finishing what I started or at least putting it on hold so that I can assist you. Patience: I'm wearing thin on it. I always strive to be as considerate as possible because I would want someone else to do it for me. Don't believe it in huh? You must be one of those rude mutha fuckas I talked about in Rude Is Never Cute. Let me break something down for you: the reason why people huff and puff and be rude with you when you do something like that is because you are not even taking in the fact that other people have lives just like you do. Most of them are on an agenda just like you are. Hell going home to sit in their drawers and watch TV is an agenda. May not be one that you have immediate importance in, but that is not of your concern. You can at least give this person the right to have that time and be on time instead of looking at them like they are the plague and taking forever and a day or interrupting something that could possibly be highly important to someone else. A thought is not that much. It takes nothing really. If we all have a little consideration, then maybe there won't be so many disgruntled people in supermarkets, clothing stores, and other places with long lines and short ones with long waits. Thinking about others every once in a while or for a split second can go a long way. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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