Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rude Is Never Cute

I was talking to my male best friend, and he was telling me this story about this chick that was being rude to him for no reason. He made an action he did not have to make that was dripping with common courtesy and politeness, and she responded to it with a very rude comment. Okay people, this kind of stuff I do not condone. Please do not be rude for fucken reason. Like, I do not know who put out the memo that being rude is cute and that you need to show that you big, bad, and tough by doing it, but there are crazy mutha fuckas in this world that is making drastic measures to those that do this. I seriously don't understand what you get out of being ridiculous towards somebody that is doing something nice for you or trying to save yo ass. I have an example. When somebody asks me how am I doing, I respond,"I'm fine. How are you?" Even if the conversation does not go anywhere past that, I give that same response to people because they took the liberty and time to ask about my well-being. It doesn't matter how long I have known them. It doesn't matter how long we talk or don't talk. All that matters is that this person decided to be nice and respectful to me, so I have decided to return the favor. If you notice something that needs to be brought to my attention, please say something and let me know. I will say thank you and take care of it. Don't be rude to people that do that because it could be life or limb for you. Oh and if you have a job in customer service, please don't be that bitch that I walk up to in a store or wherever I need this service and look at me like you don't speak English. Don't catch an attitude because I asked you a question. Don't huff and puff and act like you happy to help me. If you don't like being in that field, you need to find a new one to work in baby, because that shit is so unacceptable. I am the one that will report yo ass and have you fired with no problem. I don't play that shit. I have worked with people all my life, and even if I hated my job or was having a bad day or even felt uncomfortable, I give my 100% in making sure that the people I work around and the customers I work with are comfortable. If I'm not feeling well, I politely let them know. If I don't feel like talking, I politely let them know. There is no reason to be rude all the time. That shit is unnecessary. Oh you flexing in front of your friends like you the Big Bad Wolf and nothing phases you right? Guess what? The Big Bad Wolf for defeated by that brick house in the end of the story baby, so sit yo ass down. There is, if not one, a few people that are bigger and badder and tougher and rougher and smarter than you. Just cuz you talk big boy shit don't mean you about that life. This applies to both men and women. Nobody is an exception, period. You want to get somewhere in this world? Being a dick ain't going to get you there. To the ladies that do this, stop thinking that every man that holds a door open for you or asks you how you doing wants to holla at you. Get yo ass off that big ass plastic pedestal that you have out yourself on and just say that you are fine or thank you. Chivalry ain't dead. Men are just tired of giving it to rude bitches. Maybe if you didn't look at a dude with the death stare before he get near the door, he will think about opening it for you. To the men that think this is cool, stop talking to females like they are objects or just down right trashy. Not every female is going to give you the cold shoulder or the death stare if you know how to talk to them. Yelling out "Hey girl, when you gonna let me suck on those titties?" ain't about to get you anywhere with a chick. As a matter of fact, she just disliked your presence even more because of it. There is only one type of female that likes that kind of shit and that is a simple bitch. Being a dick is not the way to get someone's positive attention. I just want to let you know that you don't have to shake a hand or give a hug or talk to everybody that gives you attention, but a simple thank you or good morning/afternoon/evening would be nice. If you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say shit at all, but don't give the death stare in the process. Trust me, body language at times say a lot more than actual words. That saying "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" holds true on so many levels. I remember having to write that shit in third grade 100 times. Been stuck with me ever since. This is my point: when you take the time out to be rude to people, you are only hurting yourself, especially when you do it in front of other people. Politeness and common courtesy can get you a long way, and please believe that the golden rule is so in full effect, and there are people in this world that still follow it. I know I do. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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  1. "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice." - Frankie Crocker RIP