Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Use of Names

One of the things that are overlooked by some people is the use of names. What do I mean? When someone introduce his or her self, he or she uses the name in which he or she wants to be called. This is the tag in which he or she gives oneself for others, whether it is a nickname or the real first name or a fake name that is used for safety reasons. At work, the use of names depends on the type of work being done. For example, everyone at my job calls each other by our last names. Just how it is. When I was working for the university I went to, everybody called each other by our first names. Teachers asked what name we preferred. So on, so forth. Why am I writing this? Because some people feel they have the right to call people whatever they want. Some people read my name off my nametag and call me by my first name. I'm fine with that until you start cracking jokes and making my name what you want it. Mutha fucka who are you? I don't know you like that. Don't call me nothing I don't approve you to call me by, and yes that includes my first name. For those that read this and don't know what my name is, it's Keshia. No this is not a joke. This is my given and legal first name and you can only imagine the shit I hear when some people learn that shit. I will put it out there: don't make up some bullshit nickname I don't like or call me what you want. If I give you a name to call me by, use it. The name thing varies upon how close we are and what out relationship is to each other. Also don't get mad at me when I call you by the name that you have given me to call you by. If you introduce yourself to be as Douchebag McGhee, that's what the fuck I am gonna call you. Give me the same common courtsey. If you want to call me something different I will let you know if I approve or not. If I don't like it, please note that I will be thoroughly pissed every time you call me that shit. If you introduce yourself to me by using your first name, don't get mad when I don't call you by your nickname. If your nickname is fucked up, don't get mad when I call you by something I feel comfortable saying. C'mon now. change that shit! Oh and to those that make up these stupid ass names on social media, please stop that shit. No one likes it and it makes you look stupid. An example? Ron heaboutdatlife Smith. Really dude? Kill yourself. Just know that one name I don't go by: KeeKee. Don't have nothing against anybody that do, but I personally don't like being called that shit. Don't fucken do it! If I am at work, you are to call me by my last name unless I say that you can call me by my first. This construction had the audacity to call me by my first name. Dude, you don't fucken know me like that. We ain't cool. Don't do that. I have issues with this because a name is the way you are identified and I don't want my shit to be mistaken or misused. You have been warned. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Hey man...I'm just saying...

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